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In the summer of 2018 Summer, the pocket pit bull, was officially adopted by the founder of Animal Education and Rescue, Sandy Kamen Wisniewski and her husband Chuck. They finally buckled to the overwhelming pressure of all the Summer Facebook fans that they should keep her. Sandy and Chuck have been Summer's caretakers all along and she settled beautifully into their home. Everyone on Facebook could see how absolutely happy she was at her home and didn't want to see her move, after all she had been through.

It's been close to a year since Summer's official adoption and Summer has really settled in. She has a nickname of "Sassy Sassafras" because of her confident and sometimes bossy nature. It's very much as if she has completely forgotten her horrible past. Summer has taken on the title of Ambassador for AEAR, where she regular attends new volunteer orientations and educational programs to be the official greeter and educate people on dogs.

Everyone that meets her falls in love with her as she greets them with a big smile and a tail wagging so furiously her whole amply-sized butt jiggles and wiggles!

You can follow Summer on her very own Facebook page Summer's Great Adventures.

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About Summer

Adopted by Sandy Kamen Wisniewski Animal Education and Rescue - Lake County humane society @ Animal Education & Rescue Follow Summer on her active Facebook page too!

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