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Why We're Different

Animal Education and Rescue, NFP is an Illinois not for profit 501(c)(3) organization. The purpose of the foundation is to help countless numbers of animals and people.

More than Adoptions

AEAR is a unique Humane Society. In addition to finding homes for rescue pets, we focus a lot of our efforts towards helping the community through our main programs.

  • Humane Investigations: We have a team of dedicated investigators who respond to reports of animal abuse and neglect. Our investigators help educate owners on proper pet care, work with owners in need of assistance and, rescue animals from bad situations. The investigators are in the front lines and often go into very poor and dangerous areas to help these animals. Learn more »

    AEAR Investigators are assisted by our Community Outreach Program which goes out into low-income neighborhoods offering assistance and advice to pet owners. Thanks to this proactive program, AEAR is able to help out pet owners who many not know what options they have when it comes to providing proper care and medical treatment for their pets.
  • Pet Therapy: AEAR visits area nursing homes, other approved facilities, or homebound individuals on a monthly basis. It brings joy to so many people who are going through a difficult time and is an important part in giving back to our community. Learn more »
  • Education: AEAR visits local schools and community centers where we offer educational programs to help teach kids about proper pet care and treatment. We specialize in at-risk locations where the children may not have the opportunity to experience these things on a regular basis. Learn more »

Local Focus... Where it Counts

The volunteers of AEAR pride ourselves on our local focus. We commit most of our time and energy in helping the pets and people of our community in Lake County and the nearby surrounding areas. There are so many in need of our help here and we want to be there for them.

Want to help? Consider becoming a volunteer or donate to help keep these programs running.

Go now to: Lake County humane society | Animal Education & Rescue

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About Summer

Adopted by Sandy Kamen Wisniewski Animal Education and Rescue - Lake County humane society @ Animal Education & Rescue Follow Summer on her active Facebook page too!

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